Meerkat Shweshwe Fan Club

It’s not over until the Fat Quarter sings! 


This is a mail order club only.

Join by the 1st of the month to be included in that month.
Payment will be made on 3
rd day of each month.
Fat Quarters will be sent by the 5
th day of each month.
In one year you will receive 48 Shweshwe Fat Quarters without duplication. 

To subscribe send email to:

To withdraw any time, send email to:

Indigo Club:

4 indigo prints every month

Classic Club:

3 indigo and 1 chocolate every month


Modern Club:

4 prints of a different colour every month

January    Orange Hot Ice

February    Turquoise Hot Ice

March    Blue

April    Green

May    Turquoise

June    Purple

July    Cream

August    Yellow

September    Orange

October    Pink

November    Red

December    Cinnamon

Cost per month:

Includes 4 Fat Quarters plus shipping and handling. 

Relevant taxes for Canada included. All prices are in CAD. 

Other international rates provided on request.
Shipping costs may be adjusted if postal rates increase. 









2-5 days shipping

3-7 days shipping

7-10 days shipping

10-14 days shipping

Billing Information:

Payments will be made with your credit card with Square Invoices, not PayPal. 

Choose to save your credit card in the secure Square system, but it is not required.

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